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HOLO Rainbow Pride Sticker


Holographic Rainbow Sticker


Dear LGBTQ+ community, we know that the past few months have been challenging and surrounded by fear, uncertainty, and sadness. 


First, we would like to thank all the Heroes out there for keeping our world running. Also, a special thank you to our Local LGBTQ+ family who has embraced and supported our business during this time. 


Pride month is here & we want to celebrate it with you! These challenging times have put our community to test, and we believe that together we can spread Love and Unity!


In celebration of LOVE, we created a Pride Holographic Churrino Sticker, voted by the community, and 20% of the sales proceeds will go to our local 



As allies, we are proud to raise the Love, Unity & Equality flag. Let’s celebrate this 2020 PRIDE together.

  • Specs

    Size: 3" X 3"



  • Description

    1 Holographic Premium Sticker

  • Shipping

    Free Shipping (7-10 Business Days). Shipping starts: 06/01/2020


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