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Churriño Gourmet Dessert

Our Story

It all started in 2017 when Nick and Kelvin - Founders - met while in College in California and a longlasting friendship was formed.


Nick from Brazil and Kelvin from Burma always spoke about their dream of starting their own business: a Dessert Shop.


After a lot of research, trial, and error, sugar, and sweat, the idea of bringing real Latin Churros to America was perfect.


Time allowed the concept to flourish, and in 2017, Nick and Kelvin founded Churriño Gourmet Dessert. They combined their rich traditions, Culinary skills, and family tradition to develop a personalized menu full of flavors, passion, and culture. 


Churriño Gourmet Dessert brings Brazilian/Latin - culture, flavors, and values - through delightful and mouthwatering products, premium service, and Love!


Our churros are not like any other!


Each Churriño comes with a crunchy fresh bite, filled with flavors and AMOR that explode in your mouth.


It is an experience of Latin Cuisine, Passion and Taste.

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